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Alumni Spotlight: Faviola, Fashion Designer and recent SAIC grad

Meet Faviola Anaya Esquivel (she/they), a Chicanx fashion designer, artist from Chicago, Marwen alum, and recent grad from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Today, Faviola is sharing with you a glimpse into their work and how you can be a part of the process in making it a reality through donating to Faviola's GoFundMe.

Faviola's work typically revolves around themes of childhood, nostalgia, ethnicity, cultural identity, and personal experiences. In their artistic practice they focus on melding techniques through fibers (i.e. screen printing, tufting, beading, and quilting) and sculpture (i.e. mold making and paper mache).

Currently they're working on one of their biggest fashion collections yet, they said their upcoming collection is "about the way time is constructed in reference to human life. A way in which we keep track of how old we are, how much longer we have until our inevitable fate, death."

Shown above is a preview of the work Faviola is working on making a reality.

Faviola talked to us about their thought process behind creating this collection, "as a 22 year old, coming to terms with death and how that will happen to me someday made me pretty sad and incredibly anxious. The 12 looks represent every hour on the clock, all of which utilized original drawings from my sketch book as inspiration through color palette, print, texture, and silhouette."

Creating such a large collection requires funding, which Faviola is working towards reaching by the beginning of September to buy all of the materials necessary to bring their vision to fruition.

If you’d like to see this collection become a real thing, please consider donating to Faviola's GoFundMe. You can also commission them via email at and buy from their Depop shop at

To follow along their journey, stay connected with them on social:

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