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Fall 2022 Workshops @ Marwen

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

This Fall, Marwen is hosting a series of 7 workshops from September 13th to November 1st. Workshops will cover a range of topics; from financial support for school, business tips to launch your creative business, and so much more for young people, alumni, teaching artists, families, and for the general public! Below you’ll find the Fall workshop schedule, a description of each workshop, and how each of them can impact your creative pathway.

Shown below are the workshops you can participate in, they’re divided into two categories, all are welcome:

Fall Workshop Schedule:

  1. How to Sell Your Artwork - September 13, 5 - 6:30PM

  2. FAFSA Fundamentals - September 27, 5 - 7PM

  3. How to Protect Your Artwork - October 4, 6 - 7:30PM

  4. How to License Your Artwork - October 11, 6 - 7:30PM

  5. Portfolio Development - October 18, 5 - 7PM

  6. College Applications - October 25, 5 - 7PM

  7. High School Applications - November 1, 5 - 7PM

Scroll down to learn about each workshop for yourself or a friend! Have questions? Reach out to Rafael at and Victoria at

Art + Bizz Workshops

Many artists have questions about running their own business. In the Art + Biz workshop series Chicago emerging artists and Marwen alumni will learn the business side of being an artist. Workshops are free and open to emerging artists, teaching artists, and Marwen alumni interested in learning how to turn their art practice into a protected business.

Location: Marwen (833 N. Orleans St.)


Interested in selling your artwork but not sure where to start? Marwen is holding a panel discussion on the process for selling your artwork. This workshop is intended to help young people, Marwen alumni, and teaching artists who are submitting work to Marwen’s Art Fair, but all are welcome to join.

The workshop will include Marwen alumni guest speakers who will talk about their personal experience and best practices for selling work. You will gain knowledge on how to price pieces, market your work, gauge your audience, and more. At the end, we will have time to talk through questions you may have and an opportunity to network and build your professional artist community.

Location: Online on Zoom


Start taking steps to protect your artwork by learning from Patrice Perkins, a Principle Attorney at Creative Genius Law. Patrice will share case studies and data around why it's important for artists to start thinking about their impact, legacy, and protecting their artistry.

Location: Online on Zoom


Learn how to get started with art licensing with Patrice Perkins, Principle Attorney at Creative Genius Law. She will share what it means to copyright or have design patents for your artwork. Learn how to protect your art and one of the most fun ways to make money as an artist!


High School + College Workshops

Curious about college and financial aid? Are you looking to build your artist’s portfolio but not sure how to start? Preparing to apply to high school? This fall, Marwen will host a workshop series for high school students, middle school students, and their families that covers topics to put you on a pathway to success! These workshops will be held in person, at Marwen. Workshops are free and open to the public. All are welcome to join.

Location: Marwen (833 N. Orleans St.)


Everyone heading for college fills out the FAFSA. It’s the one and only way to get government money for your education! In this workshop, We will review FAFSA- the application for federal student aid for college, which opens on October 1. The workshop will include updates to the FAFSA and other financial aid resources (scholarships, state aid, etc.) for the upcoming year.

Location: Marwen (833 N. Orleans St.)


What is a portfolio and how do you build one? What makes an artist's portfolio unique? In this workshop, we will discuss the fundamentals of putting together a professional artist’s portfolio. Learn how to structure a portfolio that can be used to apply for schools, job opportunities, and more! Document your artwork and curate a portfolio for artistic success!

Location: Marwen (833 N. Orleans St.)


In this workshop, we will go through the college application process in-depth. Learn how to research schools, pick up some tips on writing college essays, filling out applications and more. Learn from admission experts and ask questions about the college application process.

Location: Online on Zoom


Feel confident in submitting your GoCPS application when you attend our High School Applications workshop. Here you will learn more about the application process as well as how to navigate the GoCPS portal. In this workshop, we will review the general GoCPS application process for Chicago public and charter high schools.

Have questions? Reach out to Rafael at and Victoria at


This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

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