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The College Application Process

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

On 10/7, we reviewed the general college application process, including updates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Video recording, slides, and FAFSA worksheet below.

Here are some major takeaways:

  • Navigating CommonApp for homeschooled applicants:

  • Decide soon if you want to apply Early Action (nonbinding) or Early Decision (binding)

  • Start drafting your application essays

  • Reach out to teachers and counselor for letters of recommendation - be prepared to let them know why you think they can write a strong letter for you

  • Holistic / whole-person review is becoming more common in admissions, especially in the context of the current pandemic. The college looks at the applicant as a “whole person” across several criteria from your essays to your school’s background.

  • Unlike the FAFSA, CSS Profile allows you to explain circumstances, i.e. finances/employment affected by COVID-19

  • Check if the college’s admissions will be affected by this past year’s admitted student deferrals

  • Check if the college has student jobs/work-study opportunities available during the pandemic, i.e. remote or socially distanced.

  • Throughout the year -- seek and apply for scholarships! Can start to apply for scholarships as young as age 13


College App Process Worksheet:

For questions, please contact Andy at or schedule an appointment at

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