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Meet Gabriel Andres: Mixed media artist and painter

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Marwen is dedicated to supporting the professional development of our teaching artists, because we believe it directly enhances the quality of instruction to educate our students. Since 2016, Marwen has offered teaching artists and studio facilitators an opportunity to use equipment, studios, and exhibition space through our Teaching Artist and Studio Facilitator Residency program.

The residency is a chance for artists to work on their craft, culminate their passion, and showcase their talent. An array of art mediums are represented, including ceramics, sculpture, digital and darkroom photography, painting, drawing/mixed media, printmaking, collage, sound, and installation.

During the residency — with an iPhone and a handful of questions — we went behind-the-scenes to learn more about each artist’s studio and process

Gabriel (Gabe) is a both a teaching artist and student facilitator at Marwen. As a large-scale painter, he makes both “serious and not-so-serious” paintings.

His “serious” paintings are portraits of people he’s never actually met but has seen in photographs, while his “not-so-serious” paintings are portraits of some of his favorite childhood artists, including singer Bon Jovi, Looney Tunes producer Chuck Jones, and Charles Xavier from X-Men.

Gabriel said the residency has provided him a therapeutic time to revive his work, which he hopes will ultimately make him a better teaching artist at Marwen.

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