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Spring Break 2022 Workshop Schedule

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

You're invited to spend Spring Break (April 11 to April 15) with Marwen! The programming is brought to you by The Young Artists Collective (YAC) program, a youth-led paid program that gives young people the space to learn and explore different curatorial opportunities at Marwen through hands-on experience. Young people collaborate with each other to build leadership and facilitation skills, create youth-led community engagement opportunities, and build connections with the Marwen community.

The YAC spent the past 9 weeks designing workshops for you! Each workshop focuses around their own passions and art skills to facilitate during the week of CPS Spring Break.

Please join us this Spring Break and check out the awesome workshops they created for you below. Are you ready to register for a workshop? Sign-up here!



Stranger Arts | Grade: 6-12th

Isaiah Robinson, he/him

Monday, April 11th | 12 - 2 PM

Register Here

What does obscure art mean to you? In this workshop, explore sustainable and obscure art through utilizing non-traditional materials and objects to construct 2D & 3D art.

Build Your Own World! | Grade: 6-12

Alex Cardenas, They/Them

Monday, April 11 & Tuesday, April 12| 12 - 2:30 PM

Register Here

Ever wanted to write your own story but not set in the modern day? In this 2-day workshop, you will learn the basics of world-building and storytelling through writing and drawing to create your own world.

Creature Cove | Grade: 6-8

Alex Sanchez, He/They

Tuesday April 12th | 12 - 2 PM

Register Here

Ever wonder what one animal would look with another animal's features? In this drawing workshop, we will explore animal anatomy and features to create our own creatures.

Queering Film Noir 101 | Grade: 9-12

Nik Sandu, She/They

Tuesday, April 12 & Wednesday, April 13 | 12 - 2 PM

Register Here

In this 2-day photography workshop, you will learn about film noir and Queer history while taking and editing photo portraits of models using film noir techniques. Folks of all identities are welcome!

Soul Minds | Grade: 9-12

Mario Anaya, Him/He

Wednesday April 13, | 12 - 2 PM

Register Here

If you could bring a song to life, what would it look like? In this workshop, we will use painting, drawing or digital illustrating to create visual artwork inspired by our favorite songs and verses.

Putting Music to Words | Grade: 9-12

Gabrielle Thornton, she/her

Thursday, April 14 | 12 - 2 PM

Register Here

In this workshop, we will mix music and writing to learn about the many forms of poetry while strengthening our writing skills. Play with rhythm and use your favorite music to gain inspiration!

Masking Emotions |Grade: 6-12

Jessica Suarez, She/Her/They/Them

Thursday, April 14th | 4 - 6 PM

Register Here

In this workshop, we will explore performance & visual art to create masks that show different colors and shapes to fit your mood and take photographs that reflect what you want others to see.

Identity Through Your Mind | Grade: 9-12

Abby Bucio, she/her

Friday, April 15 | 2 - 4 PM

Register Here

Using painting and drawing, express aspects of identity (ethnicity, zodiac sign, hobbies, etc) to create your own original portraits. Bring anything that inspires you to create!


Miniature Dream Room | Grade: 9-12

Bell Guenther, she/her

Wednesday, April 20 | 5 - 7:30 PM

Register Here

Draw, design, and build your dream room! Using various materials like clay, fabric, popsicle sticks and more to create your own miniature room.

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