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Takeover with Eric Tran: Painter and Marwen Student

On April 23, 2020, Eric Tran took over Marwen's Instagram stories. Eric, a high school senior at Lane Technical College Prep, gave a glimpse into his busy life and shared more about his project on building student community through an app called Discord.

Eric created the student community group on Discord with Des Cordova, his friend at Marwen, as a response to how students were feeling during the aftermath of COVID-19.

“When Marwen closed [due to Covid-19], it was unexpected for everyone. We aimed to replicate the environment of Marwen's art studios online. Our goal was to preserve the connections we had and to continue creating joyful memories with one another. It is heart-warming to learn that our community remains supportive and engaged, even during a time like this.”- Eric Tran, Co-Creator of Marwen Student Discord Project⁣

Feel inspired throughout Eric's day by watching his takeover below!


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