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Youth Counseling @ Marwen

Marwen’s Youth Pathway Programs team provides young people (6-12th grades) and their families with free, personalized counseling and resources to advance their professional, educational, and artistic goals. Counseling is available to young people and their families at no cost regardless of their enrollment status at Marwen. 

Marwen staff will schedule time with students on site and via video chat, phone, or email to walk students and parents through high school and college applications, portfolio development and documentation, financial aid and scholarships, and career development and employment opportunities. See below for a complete list of topics and resources:

  • High school Applications

  • College Applications

  • Artist Statements

  • Portfolio Development

  • Gap year Options


  • Scholarships

  • Award Letters

  • Loan Resources

  • Youth Employment

  • Internships

  • Resume + Cover Letters

Signing up for a counseling session is easy!

Sessions are tailored to the individual’s needs and range from 15 minutes to one hour. Complete this Counseling Interest Form, then a team member will reach out to confirm your session.

In addition to completing the Counseling Interest Form, you can contact our Pathway Programs team anytime.

Maricela Ramírez, Manager of Youth Pathway Programs

Rafael Huerta, Coordinator of Youth Pathway Programs

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